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Save The Music

Some of the greatest music ever made, stuff recorded in the last century, has already been lost forever, because we suck at saving it. In 1903, Huddie William Ledbetter was one of the strongest voices in American folk and blues. Known as Lead Belly, Ledbetter was known as the King of the Twelve String Guitar, […] - (read more)

Building The Perfect Keyboard Gig Rig

Looking for the perfect combination of great piano and organ sounds, PLUS great synth sounds and controllers? Roland has a little video guidance for building the perfect keyboard rig: source: - (read more)

Roland Octa-Capture Audio Interface

I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently looking for a multiple i/o digital interface with good pre-amps for my home studio. I’d been mostly focused on Tascam, PreSonus, and Focusrite as options, but recently I’ve been putting some thought into the Roland Octa-Capture as a viable option. A lot of the reasons why are […] - (read more)

Review: Yamaha MG10XU Mixer

Every couple of years, the major mixer makers will decide that all-in-one compact mixers are in and will produce a new line. This year is one of those times, in part because the addition of higher end pre-amps and USB I/O have made small foot print mixers a serviceable entry level I/O interface for home […] - (read more)